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Working with many councils throughout Melbourne (and beyond) Creative Arch will create the ideal design for your project whether it be a dual occupancy design, backyard unit project or a multi dwelling development.

Each council has their own set of requirements on top of the standard RESCODE requirements. Having knowledge of this information is what can speed up the application process dramatically.

The application process is managed from beginning to end from our office and ensures a smooth transition from a simple sketch design to endorsed planning documentation.

We work on applications such as Dual Occupancy design, backyard dwellings, Multi Unit sites and townhouse design. With 14 years experience dealing with these applications, we are sure to make your project a smooth process. 



Upon assessing your site/project, we will give you the possible outcomes for your land. Each site has a varying level of overlays attached to it.


The next step is to prepare a Diagram on a site plan that shows how the areas will work. Planning schemes/ measures are guidelines in a sense, and can be varied to make design aspects better. In essence, if we vary one regulation, we must compensate in other ways.


Some applications do require pre-application meetings with council. The benefit of this is knowing where council stand from the outset. This can save time delays into the process later on.




Obtaining a feature survey and re-establishment plan is essential for accurate design. Using our preferred land surveyors can help speed up times and help with subdivision along the way.


A more detailed design aspect of the plan itself is produced at this time. We focus more on the facade integration, colour/material choices, & preliminary landscaping ideas.


When our clients are happy to proceed, we move onto submitting the application to councils planning department.





Once council are satisfied all information has been submitted, the application is forwarded for public advertising. A poster is typically placed on the project site along with mailouts to the nearest neighbors to inform them of what us being applied for.


Once the advertising timeframe is up (typically 14-28 days) Council will then need to make a decision on the application. This is where our knowledge and hard work in the beginning of the process will help get a planning permit easier!


Typically once a planning permit is issued by council , they come with a set of conditions. These conditions will need to be met in order to received your stamped plans/endorsed documentation to proceed to the Building Permit Documentation Stage.

Dual Occupancy Design Melbourne Town Plannin permit
Dual Occupancy Design Melbourne Town Plannin permit
Townhouse multi Design Melbourne Town Planning permit
Townhouse multi Design Melbourne Town Planning permit
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