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Why settle for a pre designed cookie cutter plan when we can design your home or poperty to suit your needs

Welcome to Creative Arch Homes. All our plans are custom designed for our clients needs & budgets. Our team includes builders, supervisors and designers all in the one office.

The outcome is a quality design & build which goes through stringent checks to ensure it is built correctly. Our build team and design team communicate throughout the whole process. Your property will be custom designed to suit your needs lifestyle, not someone else's lifestyle and dream. 


The volume builder model is on the decline for a reason, there is no personal touch or corrospondence with the our head design team. We are not in the volume space for a reason. We want an original design and build for our clients. Not a cookie cutter design with no thought process whatsoever . Our success is built on the premise that we actually care about your design and listen to what you want. 

When designing your project, we know the ins and outs of your design, so who better than to put this plan to reality than our integrated build team.

Creative Arch Homes can provide you with a realistic idea of what your dream design will cost to build. We have worked on projects from new homes to multi dwelling developments. ​


Feel free to enquire within our office for any development that needs quoting and we can help you get your project in the right hands.

We have a showroom located in our office to show you our range and quality items we use in our construction. 


Reservoir Home

Reservoir Home

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